Donating Soap Mission Castile Soap to Farmers in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Audrey was busy pulling water hyacinths out of a huge pond to create the raw materials for compost, sifting soil from rocks to build a mud hut and finally picking seeds out of the cotton grown on the farm. This trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, along with 20 other students was particularly meaningful because of the chance to study how sustainable agribusinesses and organizations are affected by pollution and how we can protect our environment with efficient seed cultivation using natural products that are derived from the Earth, which is exactly what Soap Mission stands for. Along the way, we go to serve on the ECHO farm ( and provide critical help needed in the research being conducted on-site. At the end, bottles of Soap Mission castile soap were given to the local farmers at a conference we helped to organize in order to introduce Thai farmers to practices such as shortening the time needed for compositing.

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