We started off as a family who loved using Castile soap. We gave it as gifts to friends, we used it in our laundry, for dishwashing, and as a body cleanser. We loved Castile soap for being the natural alternative to our modern detergents that contained harmful chemicals. It is also remarkably effective.


As we found more and more uses for it, we realised how much better Castile soap was for people and the environment.  Thus began our mission - to make a bio-degradable, all natural soap so that everyone including those who cannot afford it could benefit from it.

We want to make our natural Castile soap accessible to all people, even those who cannot afford it. Millions of people including children are still dying in this modern age of preventable illnesses caused by lack of hygiene. As the Robin Hood of soaps, we hope to sell our amazing soap to the first world customers who we believe will absolutely delight in our product and in turn give it away to the poor who desperately need it.